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July 06, 2018



Allowing IPS to slide and charter schools, which do a consistently inferior job of educating students, to flourish, is very short-sighted. Eventually, Millennials will marry and have families. When public education is pathetic, and with the high cost of private schools, many will leave Marion County for the doughnut counties with better schools. I've had neighbors do this very thing. After moving into their house, which they love, when they start families, they said that instead of spending many thousands per child per year for private school tuition, they could purchase a much larger and nicer home in Hamilton County and let their kids go to private schools. People will always put their families first.


correct the last sentence to read: Let their kids go to public schools.

Jim Fuquay

Compliments on a very well focused article; it hits home with simplicity and gravitas. The mayor and every council member should read this article and have to respond in writing.

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