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June 24, 2018



Meanwhile, Sen. Luke Kenley is licking his lips with anticipation for yet more taxation: on internet sales for those companies not already voluntarily remitting state sales tax. More money the Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee can earmark to distribute on behalf of its members. The State of Indiana provides no benefits or services to those smaller internet sellers, but prices will have to rise, just for the bookkeeping alone.

So, we can likely expect tolls to use the interstates we paid to build, and more taxes for things we buy online.

Jim Fuquay

This is an impression rather than a conclusion based on facts. It seems that the city never fully analyzes and thinks through proposed projects and their related funding source(s). Rather, the analyses are half-baked and the projects unfold in real time; hence, many financing and operational questions surface once the project has been initiated. Ready, fire, aim! I'm thinking of the proposed expanded bus service, the justice center, and Lucas Oil Stadium just to name a few. The so-called private-public partnerships only exacerbate the sloppiness of the decision making process.

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