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March 31, 2018


Jim Fuquay

RFRA, pot holes, limited public transportation, no hate crimes bill—yes Indy and the state are very forward thinking. Bring it on Amazon!


If Bezos is a long-range perspective kind of person, which I suspect he must be, he'd have to ask himself about the implications of locating in a city like Indianapolis that doesn't value the rights of homeowners or taxpayers, but instead exploits them for the benefit of developers, millionaire sports team owners and hotel and restaurant owners. The City allows and encourages abuses of the TIF funding mechanism to the detriment of taxpayers. The City has extremely poor schools that are underfunded, very poor roads that need massive tax increases to replace and repair and constantly rising taxes.

Amazon's HQ2 would employ primarily executives, to my understanding. Why would they want to live here? Where would their children attend school? How much would private school cost and how good are the private schools? If they lived outside of Marion County, what about the cost and inconvenience of commuting? What about the proposed commuter tax? HQ2 is not a distribution center that employs entry-level picker-packers. What is there in Indianapolis to attract executives? Not much.

Detriments include the simple fact that the City prioritizes handing out taxpayer money to professional sports teams, to developers and to businesses, like Angie's List, for example, with no accountability or claw-back when promises aren't kept, all of which keeps taxes high. A successful business like Amazon considers the needs and quality of life for their employees and their families, especially executives, which HQ2 would employ. No matter how much of our taxpayer money would be promised to Amazon as an incentive to come here, Indianapolis would not be an attractive place for executives to live or raise families for these reasons among many others.

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