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March 28, 2018



Indianapolis must have a national reputation for being easy when it comes to handing out taxpayer money or exclusive favors, such as the Blue Indy exclusive franchise, with no oversight or questions by our elected representatives. Although I've paid handsomely for it, I've never set foot in Lucas Oil Stadium, because I'd have to pay again just for the privilege of entering the building I helped pay for.

Meanwhile, streets are in deplorable condition, schools are failing, police department is underfunded and taxes keep going up. However, the developers and professional sports team owners are thriving. They are planning on taking away a full lane of traffic on College and Meridian Streets and running off small businesses on College just to put in an un-needed rapid transit bus mainly to benefit developers. I don't want to live in Marion County any more.

Leslie B.

Couldn't agree more. Sounds a lot like The Wizard of Oz: "pay no attention to those empty seats behind the curtain!"

Morton Marcus

Right on target once again!

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