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February 24, 2018


Peggy Lang

This is deplorable, and all I can do is roll my eyes and shake my head in disgust! WHERE are the brains of our "leaders"???

Jim Fuquay

Gosh! I didn't know roads would wear out. Once they are built I thought they would last forever. Do you think our leaders know this. I doubt it; they are still trying to figure out who put hydrogen in our drinking water.

Morton Marcus

If "we" are to have a voice, incumbent city councilors must hear from us. Want to be heard, then we must speak up. I think, I were not 81 at the next city election, I might very well run for office. But we should be able to find younger like-minded candidates

Vox Populi

Maybe we can stop paying the Pacers for the maintenance of our building (10 million per year), maybe we can find all of the money collected on food sales that didn't pay off the Hoosier Dome, maybe we can stop opening the wallets of the taxpayers everytime the owners need more luxury suites or a new scoreboard but no that won't happen because we need pro sports more than infrastructure.


They had a "pothole map" on this morning's news announcing the pothole blitz. Each pothole was marked in red. Almost every inch of the city inside 465 was red! There were very few white spots on the map. Patching is one thing, but there are so many streets with so many huge potholes that it seems a waste of money to keep filling them. How many streets are there covered with more patches than it would take to replace a section of the street entirely? I can think of lots of them.

Someone on the CC Council should propose an ordinance to take the BRT funding away from IndyGo and divert it to replacing the worst streets. IndyGo will scream, but it's all public transportation money, in my opinion, and it would be better spent and serve more residents by replacing some of the worse streets instead of endless temporary repairs.

Vox Populi

Per the city if I hit a pothole and it isn't registered I can't file a claim. How about this scenairo, if a car swerves to avoid a pot hole and kills me in a head-on crash does the pot hole have to be registered before my family can sue the city for failure to fix said pothole?

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