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December 07, 2017



Don't forget to add to the mix the tax increase that the Indianapolis Public Schools want--somewhere in the billions of dollars. For each $150K of assessed value, a property owner will pay an additional $400 per year. Don't forget the IndyGo tax for the bus that no one's going to ride, too. City government is going to literally drive out quality people by taxing us to death.


With the income tax for IndyGo's ill-conceived bus plan, you see a trend of government that is no longer accountable. What's amazing is it doesn't even try to be forthright. The "transit tax" was passed because of a concerted effort to deceive voters by deliberately not informing them of what the bus plan looked like. Unwitting voters thought they were supporting better transit for people who need it.

Vox Populi

One has to wonder what the total debt of Marion County is now and whether or not the county is in violation of article 13 of the Indiana Constitution.

"Section 1. No political or municipal corporation in this State shall ever become indebted, in any manner or for any purpose, to an amount, in the aggregate, exceeding two per centum on the value of the taxable property within such corporation, to be ascertained by the last assessment for State and county taxes, previous to the incurring of such indebtedness; and all bonds or obligations, in excess of such amount, given by such corporations, shall be void:"

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