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November 15, 2017



Once government starts subsidizing private enterprise, getting it stopped is next to impossible. TIF is supposed to be a tool to revitalize areas that couldn't qualify for private loans because the area has been neglected, but still shows promise. It makes sense for the government to help finance revitalization of an old building, for instance, when the revitalized building will serve as a stimulus for private development for the whole area. That's not how TIFs are used in Indianapolis.

Literally any corporation who wants to build something in Indianapolis expects (and usually receives) taxpayer help in some form or another, such as tax abatements, TIF handouts, various grants, etc.. Given Indianapolis's willingness to prioritize corporate subsidies over education, police and fire and infrastructure, it would be corporate malpractice not to at least try to get some kind of handout. Yesterday, they announced that Carmel's bond rating went down because of all the generous handouts and City borrowing to finance them. Enough citizens have to demand that this irresponsible spending be stopped before Indianapolis ends up like Detroit.

Jim Fuquay

Great points Natacha!

Most taxpayers/citizens/voters pay little attention to the amount of funding that flows from the federal government to local communities in the form of subsidies, grants, matching funds, and direct funding. With the potential for a federal tax cut that will boost the deficit by an estimated $1.5 trillion (yes, TRILLION) the congress will be looking for areas of funding to cut to cover the loss of revenue. Some of the cuts might adversely impact the funds that flow to local governments. And, one more thought, the largest portion of the tax cuts will go the very wealthy and corporations who like to have those local tax revenues in the form of "private-public partnerships." The whole scenario makes me want to puke. And, just listen to the chorus of congressmen and women that are telling us in the Indy Star just how great this tax bill will be for all of us average people Total BS!

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