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October 29, 2017


William McCarthy

The city should Just say NO!


Why shouldn't they take every single dime they can squeeze out of the City? Once the City indicates that the millionaire team owners can just dream up whatever they want and they'll give it to them, they'll keep on taking. We can't educate our kids, pave our streets, staff our police department, but we've got anything and everything they ask for. After all, the Downtown bars, restaurants, parking garages and hotels are making money, and isn't that more important than schools, police protection, and good streets? Until enough citizens stand up to them, nothing will change.

Vox Popu;i

What should be done, but won't ever be done, is a complete restriction of any tickets, suite access, team perks etc. to any member of the CIB, our elected officials, corporate elites and so on. At least that way we know access to those venues isn't affecting their decisions.

Leslie B.

d) all of the above

Vox Populi

e) No suites for the Mayor or issue 1099s to ticket recipients, f) list person(s) who receive tickets, g) team owners need to pay for game day security and h) how about an agreement that has some semblance of reality e.g. $1 per year year .

Jim Fuquay

My ability to effect the outcome of all the sweet deals the billionaires and elitists are involved in seems as potent...."as that cloud of butterflies in the garden!" Does my one vote count for much? I think not as long as too many voters are not paying attention.

BTW, thanks to Fred or his wife for that beautiful metaphor about butterflies? :)

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