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February 01, 2017


Jim Fuquay

I posted the following comments to the IBJ story earlier today. "Private ownership is a much better approach to bringing MLS to Indy. I'm glad to hear the initial comments from the CIB representative. It would be good to see some attendance patterns/numbers from the teams that recently transitioned to the MLS to get some insight into the long term viability of having an MLS team in Indy. In addition, it would be good to see other stadium alternatives priced out. I have to wonder how reliable the $100 million price tag of a new stadium is. Perhaps, the recently transitioned teams could also provide some insights on this question as well."

Leslie Baker

Makes perfect sense to you and me and likely a couple of your other regular readers who post here, which means we shouldn't hold our collective breath.

I do hope it's a step in the right direction for putting the cost of entertainment on the shoulders of those who choose to indulge in it rather than on every Joe and Jane Taxpayer.

Gene Poole

Statists advance their public treasury looting schemes by sensory deception...

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