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December 27, 2015


Leslie B.

Does this mean if I subscribe to the IBJ, my household net worth and individual income will increase by leaps and bounds? (My Logic teacher in college would throttle me if he heard me ask that question.)

One day in late October or very early November, I had a Hogsett man show up on my doorstep asking for my vote. I put to him some very pointed questions about the kind of financial shenanigans you reference here regularly (although I didn't use that term), and he admitted that our now-Mayor had no intention of changing those policies in the foreseeable future.

Morton Marcus

Bingo! Once again.

Jim Fuquay

I read the article with a similar reaction. It was as if a high school journalism student wrote the story and was starry eyed because he/she got to be in the same room with the outgoing mayor. The assertion that he was not a politician but rather a business man was sappy and also left the reader to wonder if a real business man would have used some of the approaches and supported some of the same policies and projects--for example, the football and basketball deals (an noted above), the poorly structured financial approach for the justice center, and the cricket fields that apparently are growing great grass. A good reporter would have laid out criteria for what might have measures of mayoral success and failure and then written a story that assessed actions/results against the plan/criteria. Instead, we get a sappy story about good old Mr. Nice Guy. I guess the historic levels of murder in the city don't count for much in the reporter's eyes.

Vox Populi

When I read the paper today all I could think of was the Wizard of Oz and the Emerald City; with their rose colored glasses on our local media only sees what they want to see and only reports "good news".

How any paper can report his honor's years as our mayor in such glowing tones is beyond logic. And the truly sad part is that this level of ineptitude is now the norm and will continue under the next mayor as well.

Leslie B.

You're both right, Jim and VP, more's the pity. Wish I knew what it would take to get through to folks.

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