January 31, 2014


Leslie Baker

It's pathetic. Personally, I think we should start a campaign of sending links from all of the online newspaper articles and television stations to the NFL search committee - with videos, when possible - letting them know just how terrible snow removal has been in the city this year, whether 11 inches or 3 inches.

Does the search committee know that between poor snow removal and the dangerously cold temperatures that our kids have already missed more than a week of school since Christmas break, and that city offices were closed? This may be our worst winter in a while, but we're at least as likely to have this in the future as we are to repeat the relatively mild weather we had in 2012.

I wonder how much salting of streets could be done with 1/10 of the money being thrown at the NFL, even before (heaven forbid) Indy gets chosen again?

Gene Poole

Time to file a lien & assert rights of access & ownership to these facilities that "we" pay for...

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