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January 23, 2014



I can hear Pigs snorting for what will be a massive Pork Barrel Project. Think of all the studies, planning, attorneys fees etc, that will be needed.

Another question. President Obama is off on the pursuit of "income equality." Does anyone suppose he will comment on the inequality of taxing the consumer of a hamburger and fries for the benefit of a billionaire business owner with millionaire employees?
And the employees who serve those burgers and fries make $2.15 an hour as waiter or waitress.

Jiim Fuquay

I am confused about your comment about the President. I hope you are not giving a knee jerk reaction to something he said simply because you do not like him and/or his policies. Perhaps, you could clarify what you meant. I can't make the connection between taxing hamburgers and fries and billionaires with millionaire employees. I suspect you are referring to NFL and NBA sports teams. I certainly do have concerns about the growing income inequality. If the rich were getting richer while the lower paid employees were getting hourly/salary increases, I would not be as concerned. As I see it, the wealthy are getting wealthier while the poor are getting poorer. Many of the poor only survive because of social programs.

Fred McCarthy

Jim - If I have to clarify my comments about the NBA and the AFL, I doubt I could find the words to get that done.
Louie - It's even worse that those men and women who make $2.15 and hour are condemned by law to support those billionaires and millionaires.
Fred McCarthy

Jiim Fuquay

Fred - I was only looking for clarification about your reference to the President and hamburger and fries. The subject of income inequality is a good topic but requires much more ink than you left on the page. :)
Louie - Your point is well taken; restaurant servers make $2.15 per hour, which most people that frequent restaurants don't realize. Those are the ones that usually tip them 10%.

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