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January 12, 2013


Leslie Baker

And I understand the homeless people loved the Georgia Street update quite a bit!

Your wording of the referendum will likely be plagiarized by these folks, so keep your eyes open for it. It's not far off from the style of phrasing used by an unnamed local congressman who sends out intermittent surveys via snail mail.

Gene Poole

Crass transit is a money moving scheme from working people to thieving bureaucrats & their cronies.

Mark Small

Mass transit in Indianapolis is abhorrent for a place this size. That being said, we cannot trust the people who run Indianapolis's government when they obtain a tax increase. The worst development in this community's funding mechanisms has been that of the TIFs. California invented, then later banned, them. Richie Daley used them in Chicago to feather the nests of his pals and, in the process, put the City into a financial hole their parking meter deal could not fix.


Public Transportation seems to be treated in Indianapolis not as a important part of a whole transportation system, but as charity.

I have lived in Indianapolis long enough to lose count of the number of times the Castleton area and I-69 has been reworked. Same is true for 465/I-70 on the East side, and the West side of 465. There seems to be no shortage of funding for these projects.

It should not be too difficult to calculate the cost of adding lets say 50 more busses, to the existing system and the associated costs: labor, maintenance, fuel, etc.

The Light Rail option is at least IMHO a huge waste of money.

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