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November 02, 2012


Leslie Baker

A very similar article on October 25 said much the same, but this made my jaw drop:

"Officials in city-county government also argued recently over whether to expand the Downtown tax-increment financing district to parts of Mass Ave. Ballard won out, and that step allows the city not only to spend TIF money on the project but also to capture the growth in property taxes it creates to help pay for future Downtown development. Without the TIF district, all of the tax money would go to libraries, schools, public transportation and other local government needs."

God forbid the tax money go to such over-the-top luxuries as the last sentence indicates! I had to read it twice, and then could not for the life of me figure out how someone could write that and not die of embarrassment from being on the side of those poor Mass Ave merchants an residents.

Here's the link to that article, although it's very possible they won't let you get to it if you aren't a paid subscriber and/or registered on their site.


Vox Populi

The only things the politicians in this town care about are; getting re-elected and taking care of their buddies. All the taxpayers are is a funding source for their next junket.

Gene Poole

Mass....? No, in policy terms we're talking Crass Transit.

Leslie Baker

Nice one, Gene.

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