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October 20, 2012


Vox Populi

Our mayor only cares about the connected few and the corporate lawyers who run this town. If it ain't sports or Barnes & Thornborg then we are sol... And I don't mean sort of lost...

Mark Small.

...and you can forward your complaints to Mayor Ballard in---where is he this week? Australia? China? Japan? Borneo?

Vox Populi

Fresh on the heels of the CIB we can't afford PILOT taxes we now hear from one of the CIB's favorite charities the ICVA or Visit Indiana that we need to spend some dollars to entice airlines to more non-stop flights to / from Indianapolis to enhance our convention business.

That's funny I thought building a new convention center and a new stadium and a new Marriot and getting a Super Bowl was going to fix all of that.

Jiim Fuquay

Good editorial and good comments. As a citizen and tax payer, I am not happy with the city again wanting to "partner" with the private sector for basic services and/or other extraordinary services such as parksl Parks, no shit,...are we really going to partner with the private sector on this. I suppose I will have to read an insurance policy or buy a can of oil or do something for the "private sector" before I can use what should be basic city services. This city is bereft of a vision for its citizens and beholding to privliged law firms and corporations. I want to puke everytime I see this crap. And, what is worse, most of the uninformed citizens think this is good.

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