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September 02, 2012


In the know

Council rules adopted with the consent of councilors including Osili and Mm adams states that a committee chair has the authority to adjourn a meeting. Apparently Osili and Adams do not lnow this rules including several other violation that illegal meeting. This pay to play from both parties must stop.

Vox Populi

The haste is due to the fact that the public is finally learning just how bad a deal TIFs can be. Journey over to Had Enough Indy's blog or Gary Welsh's blog Advance Indiana. In Indy we have 40+ TIFS and 17 of those TIFs have all of the taxes collected going to those 17 TIFs. In short zero dollars are going to fund local services within that TIF. I bet you never heard that fact from the administration and I bet you also didn't hear that those TIFs would still be open 25-30 years after their issue.

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