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August 10, 2012


Leslie Baker

I thought of you when I saw that "running on a bare bones budget" mis-direction. May I respectfully suggest again that you put this on actual paper, in an envelope, with a stamp, and send it to the new editor or publisher or whatever she is of the daily local, and also to all of the current campaigners who have anything to do with making these decisions? What about the local television stations, which claim to want produce big stories about government malfeasance, but turn their heads when it's within the city? All well and good that WTHR has gotten someone at the IRS to sit up and take notice of large-scale fraud, but do the *actual* citizens of this city (as opposed to the owners of sports teams and residents and businesses inside the mile square only) not count for anything when their pockets are being picked?

Better yet, how much would it cost to take out a billboard? I'm guessing said paper, in spite of hanging on by its fingers financially, would never accept a paid ad from you. Get yourself some business cards that say, "do you know where your tax money is going?" and put your url beneath it. The more specific, individual people you can hit up before November, the better.

Paul K. Ogden

This is the best thing you've ever written. A home run.

John Howard

It seems like the day would come where the 'economic development' started paying dividends such that tax dollars no longer needed to be pumped in to spur things on.

That never seems to happen. Either they lie about the prospect for benefit or there are some incredible inefficiencies at play.

Or both.


They've let Brainard off of the hook to the tune of some $365,000,000 dollars of debt manufactured by phantom government entities that fueled his political machine.

Now Carmel finds itself in a terrible position all because of a self-serving egomaniac that really doesn't have a clue.

Why should Ballard be any different?

The sooner the Star goes away the better. They are nothing more than an advertising business.

Louis C.

Indianapolis has not a real reporter or comment column since the days of Dick Cady and Harrison Ullmann. Not only did both of these people have important institutional memories, but they were not afraid to share their opinions.

The Star has been for decades reliant of Press Release Journalism. The Star's "News" Reporting bore in most cases an uncanny resemblance to Goldsmith's or Peterson's Press Releases.

I have lived in Indianapolis for over 35 years. The Star has always been in IMHO a cheerleader front for Corporate Welfare Programs. Downtown has been a Black Hole in absorbing Direct and Indirect Tax Subsidies

The Parks and Public Transportation have been starved for funds, but sky is the limit for the Mega-Billionaire owners of Sports Teams.

The Star will lament our lack of Cutting Edge Jobs. The Star can afford to send Bob Kravitz to London, and provided non-stop Hype for the Colts, and Pacers. They could not afford to send a Reporter to the JPL to be there when one the greatest Technological Achievements in our human history happened when the Mars Rover landed.

Purple rain

Here is another big theft - worse, I believe then the B.R. parking garage - the issuance of subordinated bonds to build an assisted living facility.



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Yes! Finally something about finance.

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