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July 30, 2012


Paul K. Ogden

Mark my words, the Pacer subsidy won't be $10 million a year...it will be closer to $15 million a year.

Mark Small.

Paul--as usual you are too conservative. I believe the subsidy will be higher. Also, there will be added benefits to top the money. After all, the Pacers were finally, once again, competitive in the playoffs this year. Unfortunately, all those years ago when, year after year, they sold out home games and were competitive every year, they lost money (according to the Simons). So there will be whopped cream on top of the financial ice cream. I don't know what it could be, but it will be "more."

Pat Andrews

Another great post, Fred. As for the MSA land that sits idle and unsold -- the city recently purchased the parking lot that abuts it to the south. Additionally, they somehow now also own the parking lot across Washington Street from that one as they have plans to put in an IndyGo bus transfer station there.

So, they are accumulating land from private hands so they can craft future deals that involve yet more taxpayer funds.

Vox Populi

The state took over the police and fire pensions, the police departments were merged and the county income tax was raised. Where did all the money go? We didn't add police. The next we will hear from the 25th floor is we need to raise taxes for public safety, again...

Jim Fuquay

Thanks Fred for keeping a focus on this overall issue. We need more vigilance among the general public on these types of issues. I will pass the word and be proactive in doing so.

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