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July 21, 2012


Gene Poole

You're right, it's the scalping of taxpayers that's problematic. The pig skin is an owner's nose snorting in the public trough.

Leslie Baker

Nicely put, Gene.

Excellent points, Fred. Hope the right "noses" see this! Spread it around!


Definitely agree with this. I'm glad the NFL has said it thinks that Lucas Oil is too small for another Super Bowl. I can't see how Indy can afford to shell out $300mm+ to bring back in roughly half that.

Mark Small.

You make excelent points. I share Leslie's sentiments and hope the right individuals read this. Fortunatey, perhaps, Jason's reference to the NFL'sopinion as to Lucas Oil's insufficient capacity either with: (a) make these points moot as Indy is passed over for a larger venue in a warmer climate or (2) we (the taxpayers) pay more money for another new stadium or expansion on the existing stadium to accommodate the NFL. (Somehow we probably also shall have to pay some type of penalty to Jim Irsay. I do not know how or why, but that seems to be written into every contract.)

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