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July 18, 2012


Vox Populi

Of course the Star article did not mention any of the behests to the NFL as losses of revenue. Things like the NFL did not pay taxes on the event, got all of the parking revenue, all of the suite revenue, all of the signage etc. When it is a sports story all of the press has their rose colored glasses on. The sports apologists will tout this new pseudo study as further proof that we aren't a world class city without our palatial sports palaces. And so the myth continues...

Leslie Baker

I want MY share of the money the "city" got. Am I not part of the city? Silly me. Of course not. I live outside the mile square.


I'm a huge sports fan but you won't see me apologizing for anyone.

While I'd like to see the Colts here, I'm a Chicago Bears fan BTW, it does irk me that concessions given to keep them here. They're businessmen just like anyone else and I hate paying to keep the lights on at Lucas Oil never having stepped foot in the place.

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