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April 28, 2009


Leslie Baker

I found that a very interesting - to put it nicely - development of a "plan." But it follows a certain Bizarro logic. The next step is that we ask the IRT, Black Expo, and the Indianapolis Museum of Art to finance fixing our streets, right?

Vox Populi

This isn't a plan, just as the former mayor's plan for a casino downtown wasn't a plan. It's more misdirection to divert our attention elsewhere other than the Pacers, Colts and the CIB.

Paul K. Ogden

"We continue to believe, if these are indeed appropriate uses of public funds, that each such item ought to show up in the city budget, to be approved in the light of day by elected officials."

Absolutely. The General Assembly needs to remove some of the language in the statute by which these expenditures by the CIB are made.

Vox Populi

Mr. Ogden is entirely correct in that CIB expenditures need to be tracked. CIB expenditures and revenue also needs to have a formal audit by the State Board of Accounts, the same as state or governmental agency.

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