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February 28, 2009


Leslie Baker

Do you have any objection to this post being copied and pasted into an e-mail to send to other people, provided you and your website are cited?

Fred McCarthy

Not at all.

Margaret Applegate

How can anyone put a hand on the Bible and swear to tell the truth when (s)he does not recognize the truth. Truth and fantasy have been so melded that some of our leaders are unable to sort it out. When narcissism and greed rule the decisions of those who control our tax dollars, their goals rule and truth is not a part of the equation. As long as they can still eat at places like the Palomino and continue to tap into the tax payer's pocket, their world is a happy one. We have been mesmerized too long from Washington DC to the local government by charm over substance. It is time for the wake up call and time to think about what is happening instead of just assuming "it will all work out".

Want to help sell home

well said by Margaret,these corrupt politicians only care for their deep pockets and are all related to each other by one sin or the other.That's how they manage to convince us to vote for them as they are big actors.

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