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February 17, 2009


Vox Populi

If anyone in Indianapolis expects truth in government have we got a surprise for you! Much like the Wizard of Oz, apologies to L. Frank Baum, don't watch the man behind the curtain. Contrary to our current mayor and the previous administrations there is no transparency, nor any visibility as to what really goes on behind the curtain. Just remember whatever they tell is at best a half-truth!

Citizen Kane

Downtown financing is nothing more than a government Ponzi scheme. That is why they have to constantly refinance, manipulate and expand the financial machinations thereof. Additionally, because a seemingly limitless pool of taxpayer money can be diverted into this scheme, thereby decimating the ability to do core functions, the Ponzi scheme has endured for decades. However, maybe we are finally getting near the end of the scheme as it gets more difficult to divert funds without completely destroying the ability of the city to manage its core functions.

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