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February 14, 2009


Vox Populi

It continues to amaze me how facile it is for the Star to make excuses for the CIB. Why does the Star continue to support the inept dealings of the CIB? Does the Star have a dog in this fight because I can't see any reason for their acceptance of the continued failings of the CIB. Instead of support you would think they'd be calling for their heads.

John Howard

After reading the IBJ story about 'mall backers', it seems to me the Star may tippie-toe around such subject matter because they still hope to see their $2.6M loan repaid. Get on the wrong side of the CIB and it may never be seen again. Of course, the reality is they have scarcely a prayer of getting it. But they could lose even that slim hope if they P-O the CIB.

For a newspaper, whose head honcho forbids the staff to accept simple community awards, to financially participate in politically-driven project like Circle Centre Mall is very strange, don't you think?


Please keep writing these editorials, Fred. Thanks!

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