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February 08, 2009


Leslie Baker

Will you be sending him a hard copy of this? I understand "real" letters get more attention than e-mail in many cases.

cecilia Walker Kawar

hello folks,
I am a retired nurse and teacher living in Mt. Vernon, IN. My monthly mortgage has risen tremendously and when I ask Wells fargo why, they told me because of the Posey County taxes being behind.... I have visited the tax office and asked them to get the figures out to help bring my taxes back down to normal but they only answer, "We are behind." When I was nursing people in hospitals, I could never say, "I am behind, sorry!" Who on earth can I appeal to? Thank you..

Cecilia Kawar

Fred McCarthy

I'm in Indianapolis and have no knowledge of the situation in Posey County. Are any readers in or near that area who might help?

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