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February 07, 2009


John Howard

The CIB has operated under the premise there's an endless supply of money they can tap into. Their goal: manufacture a 'great' city.

Their failure is two-fold.

First, you can't manufacture a great city. That comes, like with fine wine, with time IF the proper ingredients and technique are used. It's not a fancy bottle that makes it good.

Second, they believe a city, or at least this city, will be a failure without professional sports. This sells the citizenry short, presuming they are hopeless rubes who will be nothing without the influence of a handful of millionaires.

The CIB is truly a Ponzi scheme and now we have reached the top of the pyramid.

After all that, the taxpaying citizens have little to show for their involuntary 'investments' and are being told the only way out is to invest more. More of what is is already in short supply for most of them.

As Fred Glass said in the earliest days of LOS's precicted shortfall, 'We have no plan B.' So they will continue to squeeze taxpayers - which is what Plan A was.

Build it and they will come. If they don't come, we'll just tax them to death.

Vox Populi

So the IBJ is suggesting that the only viable option we have is to acquiesce to the demands of our local sport teams, to provide an unlimited stream of tax dollars so that their profits aren't diminished.
I would argue that the CIB never really looked at the financing for the LOS and just assumed that they could just add more taxes as necessary.
Now with the economy in a tailspin and tax revenue falling state wide it will be interesting to see how the CIB and the city plead their case to increase our taxes once again.
The CIB does need to go away; we have the taxes but no representation. It's time everyone in politics realizes that it is still our money and we should have some say in how those dollars are ultimately spent.

John Howard

The CIB board is meeting at 2 p.m. Monday to review proposed budget cuts. Room 101, Indiana Convention Center, 100 S. Capitol Ave.

'Be there or be square'

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