January 15, 2006


Dick Neidich

What I find repulsive in the comments from Luke Kenley and Jeff Espich in their article is what is being stated but not actually said.

What I think they are saying is they don’t like the aesthetic appeal of a plant next to their new stadium. That suddenly we trample on the private property rights because they don’t like the looks of a building. They don’t care for the looks of trailers coming in and out. All this is more important than having an honest taxpaying business that has been in Indianapolis for about 70 years. Oh yeah by the way…the Colts are only there about 20 years and they might occasionally threaten to leave the city/state. I don’t recall the Hurst’s ever making threats to leave the state.

I would rather have 100 Companies like the NK Hurst Company than 1 Colts. But in this case you can have both.

Tell the Stadium Authority to Stop bullying and actually negotiating for a settlement that allows the Hurst’s to do their manufacturing where it is without threatening their business. The Colts can get their parking and the city will look better than the image of not being friendly to small business.

What I find the most appalling is that they claim to be Republicans. They are not acting like honorable people. Shame on them for their actions. Shame on David Frick as well for his. Shame on the Governor for allowing his appointees to act as bully’s on an honest employer and taxpaying business—The NK Hurst Company.

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