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January 20, 2006


Dan Drexler

Did you catch a recent edition of "Inside Indiana Politics" with Jim Shella?

Anne Delaney said that this is hardly a David vs. Goliath fight. This "David" is pretty politically savvy, she expressed. The tone came across as if that justifies this even more. McDaniel laughed.

I guess that says a lot in and of itself.


Did anyone bother to catch that the Authority's attorneys were also Judge Shopping according to Indianapolis Star.

Shameful that we are a nation that beleives in the Rule of Law and then those that represent the stadium authority do not utilize the rule of law.

Mitch Daniels, David Frick, and Luke Kinney...Republicans or 3 stooges?

LP Mike Sylvester

I had the privledge of testifying about HB1010 (Law to strengthen eminent domain laws) a couple of weeks ago.

I listened to NK Hurst testify. Their testimony was powerful...

I cover eminent domain issues in detail over at my blog.

I detest how many government (Especially Fort Wayne) abuse eminent domain over and over.

Mike Sylvester

Bryan Maloney

Isn't it funny how there are those who think that government should be run "like a business"? This is what happens when the power of government is wedded to the acquisitiveness of business. Separate from each other, the two are beneficial to society. Competition among businesses plus a good "night watchman" on the part of the government would keep business acquisitiveness from over-reaching its boundaries. Government power, when divorced from commercial gain, would provide a neutral watchman and arbitrator (the courts). But when the two mix, when government is "run like a business" and when business dictates government policy (able to do so because of improperly close relationships, such as the Colts and the Stadium Authority), then the tyranny of plutocracy cannot be far behind.

Liberty is not just rule of the rich. Liberty means that the wealthy are free to use their resources without unnecessary hindrance OR SPECIAL FAVORS from government.

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