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April 26, 2018


Leslie B.

Sure wish we had an answer to that question. I thought approximately the same thing when seeing the article, but I don't know the ins and outs of the sleight-of-hand as well as you do.

How can anyone possibly think that subsidizing obscenely overpaid professional sports teams is a better investment than fully funding the education of the city's youth? Nothing about that is world class.

Vox Populi

We are never going to have a serious review of Indy's fiscal policies because it's not in the best interests of the local political elite.
Hoosier Dome debt unpaid, TIFs comprise 40% of Marion County, monies for public safety continue to be raised but not spent on public safety, millions for billionaire owners but no dollars for infrastructure.
The only viable course of action I see is to exit Marion County, which I fully intend to do as soon as possible.
When the county loses sufficient tax revenue this house of cards will fall.

Jim Fuquay

The city and state are giving Infosystems about $100,000,000 in tax incentives for 3,000 jobs. That is about $33,000 per job in lost taxes. The city portion is hard to determine in the information that has been released thus far but I can identify at least $20,000,000, which is about $7,000+ per job. Can anyone in the city administration tell its citizens if this makes sense? What is the payback and how soon? I was nauseous watching Mike Pence and Gov Holcomb drool over the deal.

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