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January 06, 2018


Leslie B.

I'm tired of this garbage. Heaven knows I'm more than tired of the national political situation, taxes being only one of the messed-up things in that arena (no joke intended). I need to get a passport and start buying lottery tickets.

Jim Fuquay

Private/Public partnerships ain't what they used to be! Now, slick corporate representatives and lobbyists work with the so-called government officials that that "private" guys help fund...oops, I mean elect. Then the "public" partner gets quietly pickpocketed and, of course, no one complains. For those GOP folks that always call for limited government---where are you? Well, doggonit, they are the slick quiet guys working for the corp. Oh gosh, I'm just too cynical!

Morton Marcus

The best news would be a story on progress made to improve IndyGo and the suspension of activities regarding the Dreaded Red Line.

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