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October 08, 2017


Leslie B.


Yes, I know that all caps on the internet means yelling.

I skipped all the articles on that topic, which meant there wasn't much left to see in today's paper, but I did read about the imminent opening of IKEA in Fishers. Couldn't help but think of you while reading quotes from people concerned about traffic and I-69. Can we expect a taxpayer funded yellow brick road leading directly to that destination in the not-too-distant future?

Jim Fuquay

Thanks for putting the situation into context. Yes, Manning was a plus for the city but he is not a god. I think he is actually more humble than the media would have him be.


Excellent question, that second to the last sentence!

Kay S Desmond

"Idolatry" does indeed seem to be the correct word. Excellent post.

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