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October 22, 2017


Leslie B.

Amen, brother! The lack of intelligence, faulty "logic," and absence of caring about ALL of the people who live in this city is appalling, and the people who continue to let this happen should be ashamed of themselves. I wish I knew what it would take to make them wake up and see all of this with fresh eyes.

Gene Poole

All cities & towns in America need a Constitutional audit. Unelected, self appointed claimers or "elites" abusively access the public treasury like it's their personal ATM; purchasing that unConstitutional access from corrupt politicians.

Vox Populi

This city has skewed spending priorities e.g. TIFs for corporate elites reduce tax dollars for infrastructure, sports stadiums are built at the taxpayer's expense but benefit billionaire owners. Frankly, I don't see that paradigm changing. It's only a matter of time and how much money until the next meal at the public trough.

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