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September 11, 2017


Leslie Baker

Good question. We, too, are likely to switch to the half-week subscription to the newspaper. Their last rate hike was ridiculous, and, as you have noticed, the amount of column inches given to sports is exceeded only by the copious amounts of advertising. I would bet money that soon they will tell us we need to pay for the online version whether we want it or not, and the print version will be considered a "plus" to the e-subscription.

Monotonous Languor

Even back during the "Pulliam Years" The Star was totally committed to Corporate Welfare for the Colts and Pacers. New stadiums, Circle Center Mall and any number of "incentives" (read Corporate Welfare) for downtown was necessary. Any opinion to the contrary was not printed or aired, by the talking heads on local TV.

There is this gem, Delta announced Wednesday a new nonstop flight to Paris.

Gov. Eric Holcomb made the announcement at Indianapolis International Airport alongside Speaker Brian Bosma, Secretary of Commerce Jim Schellinger, Mayor Joe Hogsett and other local and state officials.

To help support the new route and ensure its long-term success, the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) has offered Delta Air Lines up to $5.5 million in conditional incentives over two years based on the company’s commitment to operate regularly-scheduled nonstop flights between the two airports. https://www.wthr.com/article/delta-announces-non-stop-flights-from-indianapolis-to-paris
Not everyone of course in the business community will receive "incentives".


In addition to high cost and no real journalism or investigative reporting, we pay to have our intelligence insulted by reading about Tully's bromance with Brainard and Varvel's bromance with Pence and Trump.

Vox Populi

After examination of our latest Star bill I took the digital option and cancelled the print version. Old bill 48.11 / month, 577.32 per year. New bill .99 / month one and eleven months at 4.99; 55.88 for the first year a savings of 521.44.
I save money and trees, win / win.

Leslie B.

All well and good, VP, if you don't actually care about having a paper in hand. I happen to prefer it, as it's easier on my eyes, plus I choose not to join the legions of people permanently connected to an electronic device. :-)

The little time I have spent on the site, I found it difficult to navigate and not user-friendly. Perhaps is has gotten better in the last year or two, perhaps not, but once I get turned off by a site, I rarely go back and check regularly to see if it's doing any better.

On the plus side, you're no longer dealing with missed or late deliveries.

Vox Populi

Leslie, as a baby boomer I also prefer holding a paper or book but the price differential made my decision. As to the site it's actually not too bad; you can download the entire paper or read it online, you can double click an article or page to make the page/article full screen and to make the size bigger or smaller. You also can select prior papers going back a month from the current date. If you want to print an item you can.

Now I browse the index and read the pages I like, skip the pages I don't like. For me it's fine and I don't have to recycle 50-60# of newspapers every month.

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