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July 11, 2017



What you say makes sense, which is why it will never happen. I don't know about you, but I don't own a hotel, restaurant, Downtown parking garage, or other business that stands to benefit from huge conventions.

Anymore, developers, convention planners, Downtown businesses, etc, all expect taxpayer support in some form or another: TIF handout, tax subsidies, training grants, tax abatements, and so forth. Why can't they finance their own businesses without reaching into taxpayers' pockets? If the general public got value in return for these handouts, it wouldn't be so odious, but that's not the case.

Jim Fuquay

The state and city of Indianapolis always present just the upside of an event or situation. They focus on revenue and avoid costs; they focus on jobs being created but rarely mention jobs lost. In other words, there is rarely a full accounting of anything. Is it any wonder there are so many cynics among us?

Leslie B.

Once again, you use logic, which seems to be an unknown entity to the folks who run this city.

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