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May 04, 2017



The answer to your rhetorical question is: "probably not". After all, we children need to be entertained and to claim our status as a "world-class city", sort of like London or Paris--right? We are a "world-class" city because we have professional sports teams--right? Not because of the product of our public education system which is a failure, or the quality of our streets, which is deplorable. We have the horseshoe and the Pacers, and therefore, we have purchased bragging rights. What would we do with all of that Pacers and Colts merchandise if the CC Council called their bluff and said "no more"? Between subsidizing millionaire or billionaire sports team owners and all of the tax give aways, tax abatements and TIF handouts to developers, there's not much money left for schools, infrastructure, or public safety. Did you know that IMPD no longer has a grand theft auto division, and that they don't even investigate stolen cars anymore? But hey, we've got money for Irsay and the Simons, millions, in fact.

Jim Fuquay

We, the taxpayers, subsidize the Pacers with $16 million a year while they pay one player $210 million over 6 years. Plus, we built and paid for the facility where they play their games. Any rational person or organization would say, "what? isn't that crazy?" Yes it is but taxpayer complacency and unaccountable city leaders allow this to happen. Is it blind trust, ignorance, or just to busy to care or notice? Thanks Fred for this concise and clear op/ed piece.


thank you for this.

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