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May 11, 2017


Jim Fuquay

I offer much appreciation for the suggestions and conclusions in this op/ed piece. For the many observations you made I no longer indulge myself in pro sports and rail against all efforts to get the taxpayers to fund the whims of the moneyed class.


It is interesting to note the recent announcement of Marsh and HH Gregg going into bankruptcies. Per WIKI > On December 17, 2007, hhgregg signed as one of 14 founding corporate partners for the Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the NFL's Indianapolis Colts.

Articles are written about how the rigors of the Capitalist system in one way or another determined the fate of Marsh and HH Gregg.

The World of Crony-Capitalism has no such rules. The Colts and Pacers are perfect examples. The costs of building and maintaining or upgrading stadiums are socialized the profits are privatized.

Crony-Capitalism goes beyond the Colts and Pacers. Some companies are selected for state or local "Help" (translation some subsidy) and others are not. The government it would seem has the power to discriminate - you get a subsidy and you do not.


With all of the promises of rich returns justifying expenditures of taxpayer money-- for example, professional sports teams, charter schools, voucher programs, TIF handouts, tax abatements, training grants, and tax subsidies as examples, you'd think Indianapolis would be thriving: excellent schools, quality infrastructure, low property and other taxes, no urban blight, etc.. The reverse is true.

A friend of mine sincerely believes that politics is all about funneling tax dollars into the pockets of cronies and family members, and that politicians will say and promise anything just to get elected, but, at the end of the day, it's just about who gets to help themselves to the money. I'm beginning to believe him.

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