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April 15, 2017


Leslie Baker

Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

Vox Populi

Geez, I guess 43 years of subsidies aren't enough. Free 183 million dollar stadium, all of the profits, 160 million for maintenance and
the idiots at the CIB reopening your contract to even though they didn't have to but yet it's still not enough!
What's next our first born son?
When will the CIB quit pandering to the needs and wants of our billionaire sports owners?
I don't know which is worse, the money grubbing team owners or our inept CIB. Frankly we would be better off without either of them.


I would like to compete with the Pacers for a lease on Banker's Life Fieldhouse. I'll offer $5, and I only get to keep basketball revenues. That's a far better deal for the city, right? Isn't it illegal for them not to accept the best offer?


Simon said. “Things have changed. People's viewing habits are different with more social environments. It takes a major redo because the bones are great and we want to keep it here. We love the feel that people get, but we want to enhance the fan experience and keep us current. That’s going to take a lot of money.”

In other words Simon says, "Show me the Money". The CIB as usual will ask how much??
It will take a lot of money but not the Simon's.

Driving around Indianapolis yesterday, it is appalling the condition of streets: potholes big cracks and an "alligator skin" surface in many places.

Jim Fuquay

So...who is paying for the Fieldhouse if the Pacers only pay $1 per year? Please don't answer that question since this taxpayer doesn't want to feel bad when I get the answer. Is this one of those successful quasi private-public partnerships?


It might be less outrageous if Indianapolis had schools that provide a free, quality education for all children, if the streets weren't like dry creek beds in many locations, if taxes weren't already going up to pay for a bus no one wants to ride, but now this, on top of it all.

I say: let the Simons take their basketball team and go someplace else. Maybe Carmel will taken them in and build them a sports palace. I'm tired of hearing all about how this City's "identity" is defined by professional sports teams. The next millionaire wanting a handout will be the Indy Eleven owner, the Turkish businessman. I don't attend any professional sports games, but I get to pay for them anyway.

Are we children that need to be entertained in order to feel good about ourselves? What should be the City's priorities, and who sets them? How much is too much, when basic government services, such as education and street maintenance are sub-par?

Leslie Baker

Totally agree with Natacha.

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