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April 20, 2017



Which brings me to ask the question: are we children who need to be entertained at all costs? Every time one of these professional sports teams makes a demand for a bigger or better whatever, the media goes into a frenzy describing how we, the taxpayers have to give them whatever they want. Sports teams make up the "identity" of the City--how their presence proves we're big league now, not corn shuckers, how much money is generated by them, how the Colts put Indianapolis on the world stage with the Super Bowl, and so on. All that proves is that with enough money, the Super Bowl will go anywhere, but is this a good use of taxpayer money, and if so, why? The money that is allegedly generated, of course, is being made by hotels, restaurants, bars, parking vendors and the like. Explain how that benefits me, because I don't get it. I don't own a hotel, bar, restaurant or parking garage.

Well, like you, I don't attend professional sports events, but I get to pay plenty for them. This is just another example of the City and the State doing everything possible to guarantee profits for millionaires, who, in turn, support the candidacies of the politicians who vote to blow tax money on professional sports teams. Sadly, from my perspective, all of this public subsidy PROVES we're naïve corn shuckers, not the opposite. We apparently have no identity without the Colts, the Pacers, the Indianapolis 500, and so forth. We're apparently little children who need to have our identity created for us by sports teams and who need to be entertained.

How can they reconcile spending millions on sports teams when this City can't even educate its own children, when so many streets are undriveable, when public works projects, such as the sewer systems and water mains are archaic, White River is dangerously polluted--the list goes on?

They should remove that logo from the State Office Building that says: "Indiana--A State that Works" with a banner that reads: "Public Risk--Private Profit", because it more accurately reflects the priority of spending public money.

Leslie Baker

"...all of this public subsidy PROVES we're naïve corn shuckers, not the opposite."


Jim Fuquay

The fat cats and lobbyists (big law firms with connections) in bed with the politicians keep us shucking corn out of ignorance and too much complacency.

Nice job keeping this issue alive Fred. Too bad we just couldn't vote "yes" or "no" on the charade but that opportunity is lost in obfuscation land.

Kay S. Desmond

I couldn't agree more. It has long bothered me that so many even mediocre NBA teams "make" the playoffs and thus effectively negate the whole season leading up to said playoffs. I've also been suspicious of how many of these playoff series take the full seven games. They wouldn't be fixing the games just to have more of them, would they? It's all so obviously about money. Another troubling aspect of how the system is set up is that teams near the bottom of their conferences actually have an incentive to lose, so they will get higher draft picks. When a pro team finds it advantageous to lose, there's something wrong.

Jim Fuquay

We have a test coming up. Now that the Pacers have lost 3 straight to Cleveland, how many games do you think they will win to "salvage" the series, beef up the Simon revenues, but still lose?

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