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April 23, 2017



Again, if this City had the extra money to subsidize millionaire sports team owners, it might not be so odious. But, it doesn't. We don't do a very good job of educating our children, our infrastructure is a mess and putting off repairs and replacements of the City's water and sewer lines has resulted in ever-escalating costs. There are the seemingly endless water main ruptures and underground explosions due to failure to maintain crumbling utility lines. Streets are undriveable in many areas. What business does the City have even considering subsidizing another millionaire sports team? If soccer in Indianapolis is such a great thing, then fans will pay the true cost for attending games, including the costs to build and maintain a stadium, pay the players, and generously line the pockets of the owner. But then again, why use your own money if you can use mine and the other taxpayers'?

This is just part and parcel of the never-ending subsidy racket. A few days ago, developers proposed building Downtown yet another new "mixed use" building [the latest fad , already circling the drain elsewhere], and they, as usual, want the taxpayers to cover the cots and risk by floating bonds to pay all or part of the costs, instead of borrowing on their own. Again, if this is such a great plan, they should be able to borrow on their own. They probably could do so, but why, when you can sucker the City into paying the upfront costs for your building?

At some point, City leader have to say "NO", our else Indiana will end up like California, which had so much money tied up in TIF schemes, and so many local politicians so deep in the pockets of developers that they couldn't refuse, that the Governor had to step in and ban further TIF subsidies. Schools couldn't pay their bills because property taxes on so many parcels were locked in at artificially low rates to pay back the bonds, causing homeowner property taxes to skyrocket. Indiana is on track to make the same mistake. Can't we learn from others' mistakes?

We have enough professional sports teams subsidized by taxpayers. In fact, we need to stop all of the subsidies. Someone should figure out how much ahead the taxpayers would be and translate the savings to extra money for schools, infrastructure, and so forth. That would put the subsidies into focus--how much would our taxes go down if we stopped the subsidies? How much more money would there be for schools? Could we fully fund preschool, and what would be the benefits long-term?

But, I forgot--we're little children whose identity is tied up in Colts and Pacers insignia, and this City, at great cost to taxpayers, hosted a Super Bowl, which is proof of our worth as people and identities as citizens of a "world-class" City, so where would we little children be without our Peyton Manning jerseys, our Pacer towels, our Super Bowl souvenirs, etc? Better off financially and a stronger community with better-educated children, better schools, lower property taxes and a sound infrastructure, IMHO. So, what should be our priorities? When is it time to say "NO"?

Leslie Baker

"...'successful' professional sports...?" One can only assume that was written prior to the Pacers being swept by the Cavs, not that they had a lot to crow about this season to begin with.

There is no reason our taxes should be going to prop up private entertainment venues. Even if this was an "investment," as it's frequently claimed to be, one would expect it to pay dividends or be dumped, as in any financial enterprise. Bringing in more bucks for downtown restaurants and clubs does not benefit all of the taxpayers forced to pay for this year after year after year after.....

Jim Fuquay

Perhaps all of these "great potential" stadiums and sports facilities as well as public/private partnerships should be put on a ballot before they can go forward. I no longer feel that elected leaders represent my interests. The leaders only represent the interests of the money changers, lobbyists, and big donors.


I have to laugh when I hear and read the reactions from the Indianapolis Sports Establishment concerning the Pacers being swept by Cleveland. With painful excruciating detail we are told how it is so and so's fault.

The owner is never criticized except in some oblique manner. Why would the owner care about a winning team??? Given all the subsidies the owner and Pacers receive they have no reason to put out a winning team. Pride you say, sorry pride does not put money in the bank.

I suspect we will start to hear the drum beat, that Pacers need more money from the CIB to be competitive.

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