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March 30, 2017


Jim Fuquay

Great column Fred! I recently attended an art fair at HSE High School that displayed art work from 1st graders to HS seniors. What a wonderful display of creativity through art that I witnessed. After attending the fair and thinking about how tax dollars can serve the greater good I have no doubt that putting money into art for the community at large rather than a billionaire's pocket to subsidize a sports facility is the preferable course of action. Unlocking artistic talent is preferable over supporting billionaires and $8 beers.

Leslie Baker

I'm with you on this one. You'd be hard-pressed to get it through, though, when our society, and certainly this city, starts indoctrinating children into the religion of sports as soon as they can swing a plastic bat.

How many tax dollars already go towards sports in public schools? I'm not saying that playing ball should be eliminated, but what percentage of a school budget is used for sports compared to anything else, especially the arts? Parents who wouldn't bat an eye at losing a music program or art class would fight to the death to keep full athletic teams going in every major and minor field.

Maybe the question is, where would it be best to start? If we could actually put your plan into place, would it wake anyone up to the importance of the arts? If we gave one quarter of the funding (and adulation!!) to participation in the arts that we give to athletics, might people/parents start to think differently about it?

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