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February 28, 2017


Leslie B.

....and it's a crying shame. I saw people on the news very recently (interviewees at a council meeting, I think), who were all in favor of this allegedly increased cross-town transportation, and I wondered if they really believed it would happen. We can always hope we'll be proven wrong.

Jim Fuquay

I think it is time to give an expanded bus system a chance even though current plans and costs will not satisfy everyone. Improved public transit is sorely needed for the city and surrounding suburbs. I suggest we focus our energies on constructive suggestions that help make the system work better for everyone. The horse is out of the barn so let's quit "nagging" about it and help make it work.


There are so many things that we have to be sad about: that we live in a city in which a substantial number of CC Councilors lacked the sophistication to realize what a snow job IndyGo and the Chamber did--playing the poverty, religion and "social justice" cards.

It's sad that IndyGo and the Chamber had such a substantial head start that so many Councilors were fully hooked on the deal before those of us opposed had a chance to research the lies and present the truth to the Council. It became abundantly clear that no facts would have swayed certain Councilors to vote against this boondoggle.

It's sad that the Chamber and developers know just how to manipulate the Council to get what they want.

It's sad that Marion County taxes will go up, yet again, even though most people living in Marion County don't ride a bus and don't want to. Most don't oppose some reasonable improvement for those areas of the City where people are transit-dependent, but IndyGo's plans are vague and it is prioritizing Red Line, which will not help those who depend on public transportation. The so-called "improvements" are very vague.

It's sad that while the Councilors appear to have compassion for the economically disadvantaged and want to help them, they don't realize or don't care how many millions will be wasted constructing Red Line, including unnecessarily tearing up College Avenue and Meridian Street for absolutely no good reason. There exists no justification for abandoning curbside pickup. They also seem not to realize that Meridian Kessler is not an economically disadvantage area, and that IndyGo is bypassing areas of true need to force Red Line on Meridian Kessler.

It's sad that Councilors didn't take seriously their duty to be good stewards of the public trust for all of Marion County. It's also clear that Hamilton County doesn't want Red Line, that the federal government isn't going to fund Red Line, that no voter cast his or her ballot in favor of Marion County taxpayers picking up the whole tab. IndyGo lied and said Red Line was "a done deal", when all it had was preliminary grant approval from an outgoing administration. How could the Council even consider allowing Red Line to be constructed under the circumstances?

Based on what has happened in other cities, Red Line will be a severe economic drain on the entire system. It will cost much more to operate than IndyGo's projections, and the 51% increase in ridership will never happen. Some Councilors seemed not to notice how IndyGo's numbers kept changing, and didn't seem fazed when these facts, plus other facts showing how Red Line, in particular, was not a good use of taxpayer money, were presented to them.

With terrible streets, poorly-performing schools and taxes going up and up, people with good-paying jobs simply won't stay in Marion County.

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