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January 25, 2017


Gene Poole

IN Republi-can't "Representative" Soliday was interviewed on Abdul's show today & gave his inarticulate, unimaginative statist support for a tax increase on gasoline. He seemed to confuse concrete with asphalt & $5 / year with $5 / month or $60 / year; suggesting Hoosiers accept a statist's self-serving notion of how citizens should spend their discretionary dollars...

It was pure, low brow BS- the kind that helped elect President Trump!!!

Vox Populi

Off topic, the other day there was an article in the Star talking about the CIB being more transparent about who has tickets / and or use of suites in Lucas or
BLF. How about more transparency with how much taxpayer money goes into those billionaire playpens?

Jim Fuquay

I second all the above comments!!

Vox Populi

How about the IBJ promotes the concept that we save the Indianapolis taxpayers? Remember when they instituted the 1% tax on food to pay for the dome with the premise that the tax would die when the dome was paid off? Now 30+ years later the tax is 2% on food and the debt of the dome was rolled into the Lucas deal. If we didn't pay off the debt on 70+ million in 30 years what are the chances we pay off the debt off 750+ million, slim and none.

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