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January 25, 2017


Leslie Baker

Foolishly, when reading the headline, I thought they were going to go even deeper than that. I suppose a little light is better than none at all, but the use of "transparency" and "tax dollars" seems to be mutually exclusive in almost any encounter.

Bob Ostrander

With Irsay and Simon both worth over $1b It would be interesting to compute just how much of that came from Indy taxpayers. Anyone have counts? And why are we giving money to the second and third richest people in the state. People who can spend maybe 10,000 times more than you or me.

#222 Herbert Simon $3B
#274 James Irsay $2.5B


Jim Fuquay

When municipalities and states sign up for these wonderful "private/public partnerships" the common person is left in the dark while footing the bill. Sports teams should pay their own fare and leave the taxpayer off the hook. Say what you want about the NE Patriots but Mr. Kraft pays his team's way. I wonder how many citizens/taxpayers would opt out of supporting the cost of these mammoth stadiums if could have a direct say in the decisions?

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