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December 10, 2016


Morton Marcus

Trump wins, Pence wins. Carrier wins. and it's only a cost of just a little more than $1 per Hoosier.Could there be a sweeter deal. We need to get the Donald's book.

Karen Neiswinger

At what point will the taxpayers get fed up enough with underperforming schools, decaying infrastructure, inadequate police protection, poor streets, etc., demand that tax dollars go to help the common good instead of the millionaires?

Monotonous Languor

I suspect at the Federal and in all 50 states it is permitted to discriminate when it comes to paying taxes. Patty the Painter or Pete the Plumber receive no direct or indirect tax subsidies. However, the Pacers, Colts, Carrier and numerous others can receive tax subsidies.

Imagine the up roar if Blacks, Hispanics, Asians or Whites all things being equal were taxed at different rates, i.e., because you are in a different racial or ethnic group your tax rates were different.

Under Crony-Capitalism the Colts and Pacers help themselves to our tax dollars aided and abetted by our politicians.

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