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December 28, 2016


Karen Neiswinger

IndyGo has prioritized tearing up College Avenue and Meridian Street to put in medians, instead of prioritizing systemwide improvements in service or focusing on areas where the need for public transportation is the greatest. This is because they think once Red Line gets started, it can't get stopped: "we've already spent $X million, let's give it a chance."

The City County Council should absolutely put a stop to this, and require IndyGo to prioritize improved service, concentrating on where the need is greatest. That was the selling point to the various churches and civic groups. The Council should also require IndyGo to do a trial run of buses every 10 minutes on the proposed Red Line route and to report ridership results before allowing College and Meridian to be torn up, a median installed, and parking restrictions put in place.

Monotonous Languor

Probably new studies will be needed so the connected companies can continue to milk the cash cow for the Red Line.

The Pacers they have been milking the cash cow (Read Taxpayers) for decades. Andre Carson or no other Elected Politician would ever challenge the Corporate Welfare handed out to the Pacers and Colts.

Marx said, "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs." And WOW are the Pacers and Colts Needy.

Rhonda Lee Starr

Good. The Red Line should be built. I'm tired of NIMBYs ruining the world for the rest of us.

Leslie Baker

Rhonda Lee Starr, I fail to see how your comment applies to this situation. You seem to be ignoring the question of the finances and priorities involved, and instead come across as simply saying, "yay, it messes things up for people I don't like."

Jim Fuquay

I support improved public transportation. Any large city will have to embrace this concept in the future if it is to grow and be successful and serve all of its citizens. However, public transportation, as a concept, has to be understood as something that benefits and can be used by all citizens, not just those that are economically disadvantaged. If you look to Washington, DC., NYC, San Francisco, and Atlanta you will find public transportation systems that are used by the entire metropolitan area. Indy Go and city leaders have to do a better job of making this point if they are to appeal to the naysayers of public transportation.

Jim Fuquay

I should have included Chicago in my list of successful public transportation systems.

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