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November 27, 2016


Karen Neiswinger

The results of the referendum stand as testament to the ability of those who are politically-connected to manipulate the system to get what they want in this town that doesn't have any independent media staffed by actual journalists. They knew that as most people learned the truth about Red Line via social media and otherwise, that chances were it would not be funded locally, which could cause the grant approval to be reversed. Therefore, they came up with the idea of combining the questions of funding Red Line with funding general improvements to bus service system-wide for the referendum. This forced those favoring improvements in bus service for the economically disadvantaged, the aged and disabled, to also vote to fund Red Line. They downplayed Red Line until just prior to the election, claiming it was a "done deal", and funding for it wasn't part of the referendum. Just one of many lies.

Their PR tactics were priceless--compelling stories of people waiting for hours for a bus, their only means of transportation to get to work or to the grocery store. They enlisted the support of organizations like AARP, the Urban League and United Way, alleging that the referendum was about "social justice".

So, if the referendum was about "social justice", why is Red Line the priority? It's not because of "social justice". Red Line never was about "social justice"--it's a part of a real estate development scheme. That's why it will be priority. That's why the Chamber spent the money. Those in favor of Red Line are spreading the word via social media to pound on their CC Councilors to approve the tax increase as soon as possible, claiming the vote establishes a huge "mandate".

Your comments are spot-on. Given that opponents were out spent, out maneuvered and lacked media support, our more than 40% vote is amazing and disproves the "mandate" rhetoric.

I would urge people to demand that before enacting the full county-wide permanent tax increase, that the CC Council take a good, hard look at the facts IndyGo put out and the tactics that were used to produce the referendum results. They should each review IndyGo's grant application and the TOD Library Boards IndyGo displayed at public libraries, at public meetings, at the State Fair and elsewhere, and gauge the truth of the representations that were made to the public. I would also urge people to demand their CC Councilors to require IndyGo to prioritize systemwide general improvements over Red Line, especially in high-need areas, and to at least require a trial run of buses every 10 minutes on College and Meridian before allowing public money to be spent tearing up these streets to install a median and stations stuck in the middle of these busy streets. If IndyGo can't produce the 51% increase in ridership it promised after a reasonable trial period, then NO Red Line, no median and no bus stations.

Gene Poole

An article in this morning's NY Post explains these statist schemes from behind the scenes; one of deliberately making car traffic "miserable" for drivers in NYC; forcing them to "alternative" means. That scheme is evident here with the Red Lie: http://nypost.com/2016/12/02/new-york-citys-traffic-is-intentionally-horrible/

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