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November 09, 2016


Leslie Baker

Precisely why I voted against it--because I knew it was all about the Red Line and has next to nothing to do with getting Joe and Josie Average Income to work and back.

Morton Marcus

Right on! Keep telling the story. The Red Line must be secondary to improvement of existing IndyGo service.

Karen Neiswinger

My understanding is that Red Lie grant only received approval from the Federal Transportation Administration. For the grant money to be actually issued, Congress would need to enact the surcharge of $10 per barrel of crude oil to pay for it. This is the energy tax that Republicans have railed against--i.e., if you saw the ads about Shelli Yoder, this is the energy tax that Trey Hollingsworth referenced. Republicans now have a super-majority, and the surcharge will not be approved.

Red Lie isn't going to be funded, so IndyGo needs to be required to stop the planning and engineering work and concentrate on just improving service system-wide.

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