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October 26, 2016


Monotonous Languor

I have a brochure of the Transit Plan. A map compares the 2016 vs 2021 network. The service remains pitiful or non-existent in the NW, NE, SE, and SW quadrants of the county. I gather the "planners" did not think that people might want to go east and west in these areas either. As an example there are no East-West Bus Lines north of 38th street until 86th Street that bisect the county. This is true south of Washington Street also.

The taxes for the CIB were never voted on by We the People.

Karen Neiswinger

Those who think they have the right to direct public spending have intentionally conflated support for improving public transportation generally, which many people do support, with support for Red Line, which many people do not support. This means that a voter cannot vote against funding the operation of Red Line without also voting against improving public transportation generally.

That is how IndyGo obtained the support of AARP, The Urban League and other civic-minded groups that advocate for the aged and disadvantaged. Red Line will not help these people nor will it even improve transportation for current College and Meridian bus riders because 75% of bus stops will be eliminated. One Hundred Million Dollars will be wasted to tear up College and Meridian to install a median and bus stations in the middle of the street, instead of using the funds where they would do the most good--i.e., in other areas of the City with more public transit-dependent households.

The referendum is a sham, and IndyGo is lying when they say it is not about Red Line. All Red Line has obtained is approval for initial funding, which is by no means certain. Funds to operate Red Line will come from taxpayers long into the future, because IndyGo can go to the CC Council when it overspends, just like it has for the past two years. It will be a failure because the demand is not there and never will be, just like BRT lines have failed in other states. See the article in today's WSJ about what a money pit these lines are and how they do not bring the development, Millennials or other benefits they claim to deliver.

Monotonous Languor

Someone must have deep pockets every day I receive some big glossy advertisement telling me to vote Yes on the transit question.

Sorry your money wasted on me I plan to voter no.

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