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October 09, 2016


Vox Populi

The real conservatives would like to know where all of the local money is being spent. Where did all of the restaurant tax dollars go, we didn't pay off the dome. You know the tax that we were promised would disappear when the dome was paid off.
We hear we need to expand the downtown TIF but aren't the majority of our current TIFs under performing now?
Then there is the nonsense that federal money isn't real money and can be spent with impunity. That 19 trillion dollar debt works out to over 74k for every man, woman and child in this country.
When will these so called conservatives realize we can't spend our way out of debt and that all tax dollars; local, state and federal need to be spent wisely and as sparsely as possible.


Jim Fuquay

As taxpayers we receive no systematic reporting, which I will call an accountability report, about how are taxes are spent. I would hope that the County/City Council would demand this but the Council seems disjointed at best. Sadly, we also cannot rely on either our local print or broadcast media to help us. So...we are left with SSDD.

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