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August 07, 2016


Leslie Baker

I noticed that, too. Isn't Carmel already bailing on the idea? There is always the token nod to IndyGo and getting people to work and other *necessary* places, and then all of the talk and most of the money gets thrown at the Red Line.

Morton Marcus

Keep the pot boiling. The whole question of the Red Line must be separated from the improvement of IndyGo.

Vox Populi

Is the Star a newspaper or the propaganda arm of the downtown mafia? I can't tell...

Jim Fuquay

New improved roads are nice but they are not a long term solution to Indy transportation problems. Good public policy on transportation solutions is needed but special interests and short term thinking continue to trump progress in this direction.

Gene Poole

The Red Lie is pure corruption; that in a nation of laws would be prosecuted...

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